In ancient times, the stars were considered to be guides. Similarly, plants guided beings to move in different directions in search of food sources. In these various displacements, the seeds were dispersed forming a vegetative constellation. Both, plants and stars, have been significant symbolic elements in the cosmology of different cultures, guiding spiritual and social transformations throughout times.

The exhibition “Mediate Plants” reflects on plant communication and technologies, understanding technology as a set of applied knowledge that intermediates our relationships with the elements; and media as “medium” or “betweenness”. The artworks brought together here aim to open a field of perception about the invisibles layers that exist between and connect different bodies through the
translation of matter, which generates the communication between plants and humans, plants and stars, stars and humans, and beyond.

Considering particularly how plants transform the wavelength of the stars — Sun — into energy, the main installation “...” translates the wavelength of visible green light into sound frequencies that can not only be heard but felt by the body trough spatial vibrations. These various layers of interconnectedness placed here seek to amplify the ability that plants have to transform and communicate with elements, environments, and beings around them, as well as blur the line that
separates them from other forms of existence.

Exhibition's photos by Naoki Takehisa