Anais-karenin is an artist, writer and researcher. Her practice is intimately engaged with plants, evoking them as ancestry. She investigates the liminal states between materials and gradations of belonging to each other, evoking mixture and abdicating pure categories. Her works deal with the cultivation of plant systems, plant medicine, installation, fieldwork, collaborations, sound, image and actions. She considers that listening to plants calls for intimacy and intuition, which make up her creative methodology. Guided by a symbiotic speculation, she allies herself with animism and mythological thought to critically reflect on history, language, territory and science.
She researched traditional methodologies with medicinal herbs since 14 years old inspired by the cosmovisions of her ancestors from  "sertão" (a dry, rural area in northeastern Brazil), from where arise the main questions and myths that guides her works.​​​​​​​

2024  PhD in Arts University of São Paulo|USP  (Brazil)
2021-2023 Visiting Researcher Fellow  Waseda University, Department of International Culture and Communication Studies (Japan)
2018 MA in Art and Contemporary Culture University of Rio de Janeiro|UERJ (Brazil)
2016 BA in Visual Arts University of Rio de Janeiro|UERJ (Brazil)
2017 Butoh Dance Studies with the Masters Tadashi Endo and Yoshito Ohno

Member of bio-aesthetics research group metaPhorest (Japan)
Integrant of experimental sound project Meteoro (Brazil)

Based in Tokyo


2023 Things named [things], The 5th Floor, curated by Tomoya Iwata (Tokyo-JP)
2023 Mediate Plants, Kobo Chika Gallery, Yebizo MEETS Program - Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions 恵比寿映像祭 (Tokyo-JP) 
2021 (un)visual latency, Uradana Gallery, Sumida Expo, presented by Ona Project Room (Tokyo-JP)
2019 Invisible/immaterial, High Pop Gallery (Tokyo-JP)


2023 土と夢 , Gasbon Metabolism (Hokuto-JP)
2023 Diffusion of Nature, Watowa Gallery (Tokyo-JP)
2023 Radio Otherwise, CTM Festival + Vorspiel Berlin 
2022 Between Of, curated by Tomoya Iwata, The 5th Floor (Tokyo-JP)
2022 記録する, Gallery Kobo Chika (Tokyo-JP)
2022 Mettazine, curated by Alliwen, Org. Goethe Institute Tokyo, Buoy Space (Tokyo-JP)
2022 Anthropocene beyond the fork, Tsukuba Art Cycle, curated by Noriko Yamanaka (Tsukuba-JP)
2022 Performar Circuitos, curadoria Dudu Tsuda e Priscila Arantes, Galpão Cru (São Paulo-Brazil)
202the breath below, Kunstverein Göttingen (Dresden-DE)
2021 Künstlers äus Gebäud f:, Berlin Art Week (Berlin-DE)
2021 SANAR SONAR, with Meteoro, Festival Sur Aural (Bolivia)
2021 Radio Otherwise, with Meteoro, Archival Community, Floting University (Berlin-DE)
2021 A extinção do silêncio, Piscina, SP Art Viewing Room
2021 in a room, over round found, TOTAN Gallery (Tokyo-JP)
2020 Não é o céu, lá fora?, curated by Paulo Gallina, Galeria Tato (São Paulo-BR)
2020 CoVideo-19, curated by  Bianca Bernardo (Online)
2020 397Flix, by Thais Rivitti and Raphael Escobar (Online)
2019 Com os olhos no céu da boca, CCCSP (São Paulo-BR)
2019 Mostra do Filme Livre, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (many cities-BR)
2019 FUNES, Niji Gallery (Tokyo-JP)
2019 Bienal do Sertão, Piauí Museum (Teresina-BR)
2018 Projeto Estufa”, curated by Daniela Thomas and Mari Nagem, SPFW46, Arca (São Paulo-BR)
2018 Achados e Perdidos, curated by Marcelo Campos, Gustavo Schnoor Gallery (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)
2018 9+1, curated by Pollyana Quintella, Centro de Artes UFF (Niterói-BR)
2017 Políticas Incendiárias, Centro Municipal de Artes Helio Oiticica (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2017 Nuit Blanche, MAC - Museum of Contemporary Arts (Niterói-BR)
2017 Experiência 9+1, curated by Pollyana Quintella, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 Festival Mais Performance, OiFuturo Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 Indisciplinas, with Meteoro, Casa França-Brasil (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 Das Virgens em Cardumes, by Daniela Labra, Bispo do Rosário Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 4QUINA, Galeria A Gentil Carioca  (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 O Teu Osso é Pedra, performance, Galeria Mercedes Viegas (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2016 Do teus olhos, os gestos, curated by Ivair Reinaldim, Paço Imperial (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2015 Festival Novas Frequências #5, Delivered in Voices, Atelier do Tunga (Rio de Janeiro-BR)
2015 Primaverinha, curated by João Paulo Quintella, Oi Futuro Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro-BR)


2022/23 Fellowship, Doctoral Sandwich, Ministry of Education CAPES (BR)
2021 Grant, QOL Matsudo Art Award PARADISE AIR (JP)
2016/18 Fellowship, National Council CNPq (BR)
2013/15 Fellowship, Ministry of Education CAPES (BR)


2023 Gunma Artist in Residency Program 2023 (Gunma-JP)
2023 Resonance Program (artist and coordinator). Supported by OSAKA EXPO, collaboration with Togatta Residency (Miyagi-JP)
2022 ZAO EXPO, Togatta Residence (Miyagi-JP)
2022 Kumonodaira Artist in Residence Program (Toyama-JP)
2021 PARADISE AIR Artist in Residency, QOL Matsudo Art Award (Chiba-JP)
2021  - m(-u-)lti-yo(-u-)u-s-m(-u-)lti- Laboratory, Torhaus Whelen (Dresden-DE)
2020 Vírus-19, Online Residency
2017 Rice Valley Projects, Artist in Residency (Kyoto-JP)
2016 Bispo do Rosário Museum, Das Virgens em Cardumes (BR)

Researcher at GEAA (Art Asia Studies) from University of São Paulo and Kinyokai (Japanese Studies)
Associated to Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural until 2020, coordination of "EncontrADA - Tecnologias e Saberes Ancestrais" 


2022/23 Teaching Assistant, Prof. Pedro Erber, Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies, Waseda University, Tokyo, JP.

2023    Oxford University (UK). Conference "Missing Bodies, Missing Voices". Seminar tittle: "Environment in Japan: Art and Activism from Post-war to nowadays Anthropocene".
2022    United Nations University (JP). Org. United Nations. The 3rd Global Conference Strengthening Synergies Between the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
2022     ECOLOGICAL MEMES Forum. "Reencountering Animism - Arts of Relating to the World"
2022     75th metaPhorest Seminar hold by Waseda University (JP). Seminar tittle: "Dialogues - Plants, Bioart and Animism".
2022     Salamanca University (ES). Lecture tittle: "Not to swallow, to let oneself be swallowed: for a review of the Modern Art Week", 
2021     Ochanomizu University (JP). Lecture tittle: "Symbiotic Spaces: Arts, Science & Research",
2018     Contemporary Art Museum, Niterói (BR). Artist Talk: "Gélido Sertão". ANPAP Sudeste.