Anais-karenin define herself as (un)visual artist and researcher. She works from speculations around non-existence of the duality of nature by proposing a symbiotic vision between organic and artificial actions and materials. Working at the boundaries between beings scientifically classified as animate and inanimate, she points to a discussion of what is or is not life, what has or does not have spirit. She juxtaposes cross-cultural studies, animism, mythologies, narratives and science, critically and holistically expressing the symbolic and colonial layers around the relationship with nature. Through installations, sculptures, objects, sounds, videos and performances, the artist works with equilibrium, relationality, uncontrolledness and ephemerality in her works as a way to invoke the invisible (non-visual) layers of existence.
She researched traditional methodologies with medicinal herbs for 9 years inspired by the cosmovisions of her ancestors from the "sertão" (a dry, rural area in northeastern Brazil) and Karenin, the cat with which Anais affiliated in her quest to partially give up her human form. From these interspecies relationships arise the main questions that guides Anais-karenin's work.

2021-2022 Visiting Research FellowWaseda University, Department of International Culture and Communication Studies (Japan)
2019 - 2022 PhD in Visual Poetics - University of São Paulo|USP  (Brazil)
2018 MA in Culture and Contemporary Art - University of Rio de Janeiro|UERJ (Brazil)
2016 BA in Visual Arts - University of Rio de Janeiro|UERJ (Brazil)
2017 Butoh Dance Studies with the Masters Tadashi Endo and Yoshito Ohno

1993, Born in Brazil | Based in Tokyo
PARADISE AIR Artist in Residency, QOL Matsudo Art Award (Japan)

“IN_AUDIBLE & NON_VISUAL" (group exhibition), Improper Walls (Vienna-Austria)
"Tsukuba Art Cycle" (group exhibition in art circuit event), curated by Noriko Yamanaka (Tsukuba-Japan)


2021 Researcher at GEAA (Art Asia Studies) from University of São Paulo and Kinyokai (Japanese Studies Group) guided by Prof. Dr. Michiko Okano
2017 - 2020 Associated of Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural, coordination of "EncontrADA - Tecnologias e Saberes Ancestrais" 
2015  Integrant of sound project Meteoro - woman and non-binary people doing sound


2021 “(un)visual latency", Uradana Gallery, Sumida Expo, presented by Ona Project Room (Tokyo - Japan)
2019 “Invisible/immaterial”, High Pop Gallery (Tokyo - Japan)
2017 “Inside | Forest | Inside Out", OMISE Space (Tokyo - Japan) 


"Künstlers äus Gebäud f:", Berlin Art Week (Berlin - Germany)
"SANAR SONAR", with Meteoro, Festival Sur Aural (Bolivia- online)
"in a room, over round found", TOTAN Gallery (Tokyo-Japan)
"A Felicidade é apenas um sopro", curated by Paulo Gallina, Casa Contemporânea (São Paulo - Brazil)

"Não é o céu, lá fora?", curated by Paulo Gallina, Galeria Tato, Casa Tato (São Paulo - Brazil)
CoVideo-19, curated by Amanda Abi Khalil, Bianca Bernardo and Cherine Karam (Online)
397Flix, organized by Thais Rivitti and Raphael Escobar (Online)
"Virus-19", organized by Lina Lopes and Mari Nagem (Online)
“Com os olhos no céu da boca”, Curated by Sheila Geraldo, Centro Cultural Correios (São Paulo - Brazil)
“Mostra do Filme Livre”, Audiovisual Festival, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (RJ, SP, DF - Brazil)
“FUNES”, invited by Yumi Arai, Niji Gallery (Tokyo - Japan)
“Bienal do Sertão”, Museu do Piauí (Teresina - Brazil)
"Dual Unity", TNT + GopTun, Curated by Caio Souto (São Paulo - Brazil)
“Projeto Estufa”, curated by Daniela Thomas and Mari Nagem, SPFW46, Arca (São Paulo - Brazil)
“Achados e Perdidos”, curated by Marcelo Campos, Gustavo Schnoor Gallery (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“Faça-Você-Mesmx”, curated by Alexandre Sá, A MESA (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“15o Salão de Artes de Ubatuba”, competition (São Paulo - Brazil)
"14o SNAI - Salão de Artes de Itajaí”, competition (Santa Catarina - Brazil)
“9+1”, Curated by Pollyana Quintella, Centro de Artes UFF (Niterói - Brazil)

“Miniatures”, MIIT House (Osaka - Japan)
“Políticas Incendiárias”, curated by Fernanda Pequeno, Centro Municipal de Artes Helio Oiticica (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“Experiência 9+1”, curated by Pollyana Quintella, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“13 à mesa”, curated by Ivair Reinaldim, A MESA (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“Nuit Blanche”, MAC - Museum of Contemporary Arts (Niterói - Brazil)
FIME (International Festival of Experimental Music), with Meteoro, Biblioteca Mario de Andrade (São Paulo - Brazil)

“Festival Mais Performance”, curated by Carolina de Menezes, OiFuturo Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
"Indisciplinas", with Meteoro, Casa França-Brasil (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“Das  Virgens  em  Cardumes”, performance collaboration with Daniela Mattos,
curated  by  Daniela Labra,  Bispo  do Rosário Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“4QUINA”, Galeria A Gentil Carioca  (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“O Teu Osso é Pedra”, curated by João Paulo Quintella, performance, Galeria Mercedes Viegas (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

“Festival Novas Frequências #5”, Atelier Tunga (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
“Primaverinha”, curated by João Paulo Quintella, Oi Futuro Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)


2021 Granted by QOL Matsudo Art Award PARADISE AIR (Japan)
2018 Shortlisted for "14o SNAI - Salão de Artes de Itajaí”, competition (Santa Catarina - Brazil)
Shortlisted for “15o Salão de Artes de Ubatuba”, competition (São Paulo - Brazil)
2016 Fellowship Grant by National Council for Scientific and Technological Development from Ministry of Science and Technology (Brazil)
2015 Fellowship Grant by Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel from the Ministry of Education (Brazil)


2021 PARADISE AIR Artist in Residency, QOL Matsudo Art Award (Japan)
          - m(-u-)lti-yo(-u-)u-s-m(-u-)lti- Laboratory, Torhaus Whelen (Dresden-Germany)
2020 Vírus-19, Online Residency
2017 Rice Valley Projects, Artist in Residency (Kyoto - Japan)
2016 Bispo do Rosário Museum Residency, Das Virgens em Cardumes (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
          Researcher at  IArtes Project  “Indicative Experiences, Printing, Reproduction and Engraving Devices” (Brazil)
2015 Researcher at FAPERJ Project “Landscapes: Displacement and Overlap" (Brazil)
          Co-coordinatior of "Elastrônica", technologies classes for women's and sound experiments
2014 Movimento sem Satélite, Art Immersion, Nuvem - Hacklab Rural


2020 O Grande Som, visual essay, Revista Vazantes (academic journal), volume 04, n.2
          Incerteza do Inanimado, (book) Estado de Alerta!, ANPAP Sudeste
          Limites Imaginados, visual essay, Revista Vazantes (academic journal), volume 03, n.2
          Paisagens Suspensas nas Obras de Kishio Suga, article, Revista Poiésis (academic journal), volume 21, n.36
          Gélido Sertão,  Arte e Memória em Tempos de Crise, UFRJ
2019 Interstícios da Matéria, Revista Concinnitas (academic journal), volume 20, n.35
          A Ruína como Potência, (book) 4 Estado de Alerta!, ANPAP Sudeste 
2018 Entre Tanto Céu e Tanto Chão, at  "Das Virgens em Cardumes" (printed book), Editora Martins Fontes.
2016 Dupla Face,  at  "Indícios" (printed book), organized by Inês de Araújo, UERJ.


2021 Lecture: "Symbiotic Spaces: Arts, Science & Research", Ochanomizu University (Tokyo - Japan)
2019 Laboratory: "Symbiotic Spaces", experiments with natural and artificial materials, Ateliê Nossa Casa,Escola de Comunicação e Artes (USP)
Laboratory: "Notação Floral", laboratory of plant inspired sound creations, collaboration with Fronte Violeta, SESC Vila Mariana (São Paulo - Brazil)
Lecture: Section “Other Borders” at II Cosmic Congress in Ecology of Practices from Association of Research and Practice in Humanities (APPH/RS)
2018 Workshop:  "Conexão com as Plantas", guided workshop to construct an herb autonomous pharmacy from traditional knowledges, SPFW46, Projeto Estufa (São Paulo - Brazil)
Lecture: Section 13 at ANPAP Sudeste (seminar) at Modern Art Museum of Niteroi (MAC/Niteroi)
2017 Workshop: "Conexão com as Plantas, guided workshop to construct an herb autonomous pharmacy from traditional knowledges, "EncontrADA"
2016 Lecture: VideoArt Section at Congress Preservation of Video for Millennia of the National Archives of Rio de Janeiro.
Lecture: Section “Art and Memory” at Seminar Meeting Indícios from State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).