Anais-karenin is an artist and researcher, her work discusses the relationship with nature and its contrasts with artificial materials, acting on the boundaries between animate and inanimate beings. From installations, sculptures, objects, sound and performances, the artist establishes symbiotic relations between distinct elements, raising the cultural paradoxes in the definition of what is or is not life, what is or is not spirit. His works face the condition of the ephemerality and impermanence of time.

Studying PhD in Visual Poetics at PPGAV/USP, he holds a master's degree in Arts from PPGArtes/UERJ, where he researched the frontier as an interstice, through the encounters and contrasts between aesthetics and nature in Japan, the philosophy of Shintoism and the nature of the backlands of Ceará and the aesthetics of animism. He has exhibited at art institutions and halls, including CMAHO, CCJF, Paço Imperial, Oi Futuro, 14th Itajai Art Salon, and has participated in art residencies in Brazil and Japan, including Rice Valley Project in Kyoto. In 2019 held the solo exhibition “Invisible / Immaterial” at the HighPOP gallery in Tokyo. She has been a researcher in herbal medicine for 8 years and develops works of art direction and scenography from the botanical theme.
Born in São Paulo, Brazil

PhD in Visual Poetics by the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at  School of Communication and Arts (ECA) of the University of São Paulo (USP) / in progress
Master in Contemporary Artistic Processes by the Postgraduate Program in Arts (PPGArts) of the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ)  / 2018
Bachelor of Visual Arts at Rio de Janeiro State University / 2016
Butoh Dance Studies with Masters Tadashi Endo and Yoshito Ohno / 2017


 “Invisible/immaterial”, High Pop Gallery, Tokyo - Japan
"Fitoterapia", AHLMA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
"Vínculo", collaboration with Alexandre Furcolin, KURA+PINGA, São Paulo - Brazil
"Dual Unity", collaboration with Alexandre Furcolin, Goptun + TNT, São Paulo - Brazil

 “Inside | Forest | Inside Out”, OMISE, Tokyo - Japan

 “Cômodo INA”, collaboration with  J.Pombo, casamata, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


“Com os olhos no céu da boca”, Correios Cultural Center, São Paulo - Brazil
 “IV Bienal do Sertão”, Museum of Piauí, Teresina - Brazil
“Abraço Coletivo”, Ateliê397, São Paulo - Brazil
“Mostra do Filme Livre”, CCBB SP, RJ e DF - Brazil
“Cosmic Action for Yumi”, FUNES, Niji Gallery, Tokyo - Japan

 “Projeto Estufa”, SPFW46, Arca, São Paulo - Brazil
 “15o Ubatuba Art Salon”, Ubatuba - Brazil
“14o SNAI - Itajaí Art Salon”, Santa Catarina - Brazil
 “9+1”, UFF Arts Center, Niterói - Brazil
“INTERFACE”, itinerant project, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Trans Incorporados”, Bela Maré, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Achados e Perdidos”, Gustavo Schnoor Gallery, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Faça-Você-Mesmx”, A MESA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

“Políticas Incendiárias”, Helio Oiticica Municipal Arts Center, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Experiência 9+1”, Federal Justice Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“13 à mesa”, A MESA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Mostra SOMA”, Bhering, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Nuit Blanche”, MAC - Museum of Contemporary Arts, Niterói - Brazil
 “Miniatures”, MIIT House, Osaka - Japan
“When Speaking of Tongues”, collaboration with Lotus Lien, Great Hall, New York - USA

 “Festival Mais Performance”, OiFuturo Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Das Virgens em Cardumes”, Bispo do Rosário Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“4QUINA”, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“9+1”, A MESA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Action Introjection IV”, performance for Beatriz Carneiro exhibition, Mercedes Viegas Gallery, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Sedimentos São Pele”, performance and objects for Regina de Paula exhibition, Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Novas Poéticas”, Museum of Future Foundation, Curitiba - Brazil
“Transmonstra Cuir”, Laurinda Santos Lobo Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Festival Instantâneo de Performance Urgente”, Palmas - Brazil

 “Primaverinha”, OiFuturo Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Genealogia”, Olho da Rua, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Fenda”, Terráqueas, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Art and Culture Residency, FMO, São Paulo - Brazil

 Rice Valley Projects, Artists in Residency, Kyoto - Japan
Artist in the School Residency CAP/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

 Bispo do Rosário Museum Residency, Das Virgens em Cardumes, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Residency Transborda, Água Viva Concentrado Artístico, Curitiba - Brazil


Sound design for Yumi Arai exhibition with Tatsuro Murakami, Niji Gallery, Tokyo - Japan

“Entromeio”, Ishee, Tokyo - Japan
“FIME - International Festival of Experimental Music”, Mario de Andrade Public Library, São Paulo - Brazil
“Meteoro + Juliana R.”, Radio FIMF M, São Paulo - Brazil
“Dissonantes #11”, with Meteoro, Ibrastope, São Paulo - Brazil
“4 QUINA”, with Meteoro,  A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

 “Indisciplinas”, Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Coisa Pública”, Despina, Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Além Terreno”, Átomos, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Estômogo et le Theatre Lupanar”, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Crossing Borders”, music “Canion” released by the label Yerning 

 “Festival Novas Frequências #5”, collaboration with Tunga, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Primaverinha Cosmos”, OiFuturo Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
 “Quintavant”, Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Lastro Permuta”, Castelinho do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
“Som e vídeo Experimental”, Atemporal, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Researcher at the Extension Project “Indicative Experiences, Printing, Reproduction and Engraving Devices” - Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ)
Researcher at Faperj Project “Landscapes: Displacement and Overlap”
Scientific Initiation with CNPq scholarship